"An ode to Opie's "Code"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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6/4/2006 9:23 pm
"An ode to Opie's "Code"

Ron Howard. Yep. Watched him all the time in Mulberry on the "Andy Griffith's Show."He is a good director and had the courage to direct "The
Davinci Code." I admit that I did not read the novel,okay? But..seeing it on film made me NOT want to bother to read it either. The concept of Jesus Christ as being married to Mary Magdalene to me is absolutely ludicrous. Even the idea of Magdalene having a baby girl by Christ is abominable. The Concept? Y continue to fuck with people's minds? Most of us are already confused and twisted..soooooo..y bother?
I took a few days break to BREATHE. I had FUN without fucking around. It felt GOOD. When I put the profile back on again, I got the same fuckin' responses I got before. It is time to play HARDball. If you smoke,and have relationship attachments..I AM NOT FUCKING INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Got it?
One guy already pissed me off. He invites me to his f'in network without even reading my profile/blogs. I will not be allowing a SMOKER to eat my pussy!!!!NO! It ain't happening.....
NEXT! YOU don't like it? Kiss my motherfuckin' ass!
Why are the fuckin' criminals doin' crimes...like shooting people in broad daylight?
I was downtown on Wednesday.This criminal dumbass shot somebody and took off down the street into crowds of people milling about Atlantic Center..Stupidass!The cops lynched his ass!!Wha'thefuck?...
I was driving down Franklin Avenue within the same hour and two teens were shooting at each other..Whatthehellisgoingonoutthere???!!!!!!!
Are the parents of these kids just fuckin' to make them so that they can go out in the streets to kill one another? I have a problem with this!
Just keepin' it real, folks.
What the heck happened to love thy neighbor? Or even it takes a village to raise a child?
This millionaire town is losing my last shares in it. I am selling out and gettinthefuckoutofhere...soon. I need some good southern hospitality both in and OUT of bed..(wink) PEACE

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