"All you can eat"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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3/6/2006 6:02 am
"All you can eat"

Even though I have struggles daily with the flesh..(who doesn't?), I went to my Church today. I am glad that I did...as always. It is good to attend a meeting place for Christians,as it assists in building spiritual strength in an individual. It is important to reach out for the promises that God gives to you. Did you know that there are 8810 of God's promises in the Bible?Do your research.I'll be at Church on Sunday..Pastor Donnie McClurkin will be there. He is a MAN to behold...
Following Church, my mother always insists on eating out. The majority ruled so we headed to an "all you can eat" restaurant in Canarsie, Brooklyn.Everyone else had the same thing in mind. Because of the crowds..the food really...sucked..Things were overcooked and made too spicy. I left disappointed even though moms paid. When we got home..boy..whatever we ate had to come out..We only have one bathroom so..you can imagine the pain and suffering that went on while we awaited our turn to..GO. Lord..thank goodness for oust.
Since I am a film major and have a degree in the subject...I predicted months ago that "Crash" would win as best picture. That film was excellent and eye-opening. Now..3sixmafia's win was a lil' shocking, but..hey..the group is talented...Poor Dolly..all dressed up...I hope she got SOME to make up for her loss...
Speaking of getting some..I..tried..but..some of the guys I know..in particularly..one..became..too..needy..so...I got turned off...I don't think he understands the concept of..no strings..I just want ..the sausage..for now..nothin' else..Dayum..he can't eat..so??..Relationships have to have something to build on..there are no bricks in that one ..yet.
REMINDER: If you show interest in me..and I give you my digits..and you..FRONT..I delete your existence.I don't have the TIME for the GAMES..GAMES are for children..Also..If you are a standard member who has been trying to reach me..you might have a VOICE message from me..CHECK.I left YOU a number...The week begins........................PEACE

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