" On the volcanic line"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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3/14/2006 3:58 pm
" On the volcanic line"

I use that service as well. it's a chat line that begins with lava..and ends in life. The line is free for women to talk to men. If I ain't gettin' the bites here,I'll be on there in the intimate encounters category; AT times it is good to listen to someone's voice. Some voices are soothing..others are harsh.NEway..I met this guy today on there,(since shit ain't bitin' on here)and he was a cutie!..He kept telling me he was average. Please..Average? Homeboy had it goin' on.(No,no s_x yet..maybe?) I felt I was playing the one armed bandit..but hey....chances...choices..free will..
On that line, the same guys stroll, everyday,spendin' all that money,to find a... mate. I have been on that line for about 3 years..off and on(not daily..please...One time I forgot I posted a profile and I had accumulated over 300 messages....whew)And the same guys are on there...seeking..endlessly. Would you believe I recommended AdultFriendFinder and they took offense to it?..They sure did. Why would you turn down pictures..as opposed to a voice that can be soothing or harsh...beats me. Anyway..yaneverknow...in my quest for dick..sometimes ya got ta go ELSEWHERE..but I cum back here too...for the pics...for the pic(K)s........PEACE

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