" Fish and CRips"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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6/27/2006 9:49 pm

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6/29/2006 1:22 pm

" Fish and CRips"

The tension is building in my community as the police continue to search for the killer of my neighbor's child. Her memorial is Thursday at her Baptist church in Bushwick.
I am quite disgusted right now by the behavior of the neighborhood thug/gang called the crips. They make me sick. Incessantly they sell their weed out of mailboxes and garbage cans as though the plant is going to stem the flow of the heartache and anger that prevails.Puleeese. (And the "stop snichin'" tees are IGNORANT!) Like smokin' la is going to decrease the cost of rent on apartments in this crowded ass city! I observe daily the hardworking ap "almost poor" (middle class..wheretheyat?) class walk through these mean streets tired and dazed. WORK here is overwhelming, as if YOU did not know. Like a 50+ billion dollar budget is going to solve the daily pain and suffering? I am tired of paying taxes for the poor class to stay home and drink beer and smoke weed all day. There is so much f'in weed out there that I'm getting a free buzz from the air that rushes in through my bedroom window.AND, during the stint at home,the byotches are getting prego. I saw one today, proudly displaying her pierced bellybutton belly in a BELLY shirt. I groaned. Y do you think I want outta here? I refuse to contribute tax-wise to this bullshit.I KNOW..It's everywhere!! But at least I won't SEE it like I SEE it..in NYshitty.
I read a few blogs on here PRAISING this town. YOU are totally OBLIVIOUS to what is going on around you..until you get..mugged. Keep walking around like your shit don't stink...watch what will happen. Uh,huh. Must be the weed that's foggin' your brain...and YOU don't smell that shit? Do ya even know what it SMELLS like? It ain't pussy!And judging by the way some of the women on here plaster it out there..well????Maybe it looks good in pictures, but does it smell good in person? NO!! You ain't seeing mine up in lights. I RESPECT myself, highly, fo' a high maintenance byotch.(Call me thaat shit again and I'll whup your ass personally at Gleason's)
I prefer to display it..in the flesh.
An irresistible gentleman with a WELL ENDOWED (yikes) cock, got to see HER in person...and ..no comment. Mmmmm,good. YUMMY. That's all I will WRITE for now. Get your own mofo bag. These "lay's" are MINE.
Done fishin'? If I turn my profile off, it is because I may have found what I am seeking....So..if YOU read this, and later, YOU see the profile..off..SMILE. And not in a weed induced smile,amigo. Make it GENUINE. Thanks. PEACE

LimnsLividBairn 51M
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6/29/2006 6:01 am

Hey, I have been away for a moment. Yet it is still enjoyable to read your most recent blogs. I'm truly sorry to find out about the loss of yet another innocent to was not able to realize her full potential. Sometimes it just confirms to me that "man" no longer understands or appreciates the apparent beauty in life. I take that your personal life is on the upswing, wishing you the happiness now and always. Funny comment about renting the pussy. I find it best when it is given freely. Enjoy your 4th and hope to hear from you soon.

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