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7/28/2006 11:07 pm

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9/5/2007 7:16 pm


I was in one of my great intellectual moods the other day, one of those times when all form of philosophy, and universal truth just pours out of your brain. Now before anyone guesses, no there was no liquor at the source or helping it in anyway.

I caught myself, stuck in the midst of all this amazing expansion of my mind, thinking about the most odd thing. I dated a girl who hated wearing thongs, citing discomfort as the prime cause. So as a replacement, when she wanted to be sexy, she wore these... nylon panties, that were black, and when you looked at them seemed plain. But touching them, it was like part of you didnt want to remove them, because it worked so well.

My point is, that sexy for most men, isnt what most women think it is. Most men, myself included, are most attracted to the gesture. Yes, a beautiful body is fun to look at, and yes firm skin is a plus. But I think most guys would agree here, we are most turned on when a girl makes that effort. We dont mind that you dont like doing certain things, and guys who make a big deal about it need to be castrated for their narrow mindedness. What turns us on is a girl forgetting about feeling wierd, and trying. Back to the example, Yes I would have loved to see her in a nice lacy thong. But I loved that fact that she found something that she felt comfortable in, that I responded to. She didnt just roll her eyes, so I never felt like I had to ask.

Id be happier with an imperfect girl who took initiative, than a penthouse pet who was hard to deal with. You dont have to dress like a centerfold, or have that body, just use what you have, and show me that you arent ashamed of yourself. Thats real sexy.

lea2008 36F

7/9/2008 2:27 pm

I think it's probably the hardest thing in this society as a woman to do, be happy with the body you were given. You see all these images are ingrained in your head from the time that you first notice the opposite sex. Its a wonder all of us come through our adolescence with a mind of our own. As a curvy woman myself, you see more imperfections then you care to want to indure. But once you realize its up to you to change how you feel about yourself, there's really no person who can give you what you need. I think its finding that happiness with your own body that makes someone feel sexy. And in finding that new found sexiness and confidence you show others how you feel about yourself, and in turn making you more attractive to the opposite sex. I think it's quite freeing, but its definitely a personal epiphany each individual has to go through.

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