What to bog about today?!  

SoBadButSoFun 45M/36F
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6/3/2006 3:16 pm
What to bog about today?!

We do try to keep up with blogging but it seems that life,in general,tends to keep us busy,so sorry if we fall behind!

Anyways we are most curious to know what it is that everyone is interested in reading in a blog? For us,anything goes. We are both laid back & fairly eay going so we both can read almost anything. So,yes,that means that almost anything goes!

We feel for the depressing state that some bloggers blog in,yet we are glad to try & either do or say something inorder to make them feel a little less depressing. We enjoy reading blogs that are written in a happy,go-lucky state of mind because we like for bloggers(or anyone for that matter)to be enjoying life to its fullest!

So,do not be afraid to get rid of your blogging virginity,everyone has to start somewhere!

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