The Country Road  

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10/30/2005 9:46 pm

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The Country Road

We slowly walk, hand in hand, along the hot dusty country road. The heat from the sun has sunk deep into the ground and now radiates back up at us from the dry cooked earth. The long, hot, busy day now seems distant in the past as we stroll along the road listening to the sounds of nature and hoping to try and get away from the hectic day to day troubles and tribulations of life.

Suddenly a large boom of thunder echoes across the valley. Looking up sharply, we see angry dark clouds racing quickly across the sky blocking out every bit of sunlight that had existed. A piercing bolt of lightning arcs its way across the horizon, and seconds later the dull noisy rumble of the thunder again echoes over the road. Without warning the clouds open to let their contents pour down on to the parched earth below. We run towards a small grove of trees near the end of the road, using my shirt to try and shield ourselves from the rain, but with very little effect.

Arriving together in the grove we stop underneath a large oak tree; providing only a limited amount of shelter from the torrents of water coming down from the clouds above. I turn to you with my bare chest still throbbing and my chest pounding from the dash down the road. I look deeply into your soft, beautiful eyes, loosing myself in their deepness.

A sudden crack of thunder again echoes over the road. You gasp and throw your arms around me. I hold you close to me and can feel you trembling, your heart racing and your body shivering from the cold rain. Running my hands over your back I can feel you nipples pressing into my bear chest as they start to harden from the cold. Taking your hand in mine I slowly head you hand to my chest.

You feel my heart pounding and the rain trickling over my skin and you sigh softly. You look up at me, staring into my eyes, searching them. I hold you to me, stopping only to gently brush away the hair that covers your face, my fingers caressing your skin. I kiss you on the lips, my tongue tracing the outline of your mouth. My hands begin to slide under your soaking clothes and start gently caressing your sides. The rain continues to pour down on us soaking us completely through our clothes as I softly kiss along your cheek to your ear.

I feel the intenseness in your sighs, your heart beating faster as I continue to caress your earlobe with my tongue, my hands gliding along your soaking wet body. I lick your earlobe softly, as my hands tickle your spine I feel your body move to my every touch, you quiver with excitement, giving sighs, knowing you want me to take you, but I hold back.

I can feel your breathing quicken as your heart begins to beat faster as I continue to caress your earlobe with my tongue. My hands glide softly along your soaking body, tickling your spine with my fingers. I can feel you body moving in response to my every touch, starting to quiver with excitement, knowing you want me to take you, but I hold back.

I take your earlobe in my teeth and tug on it softly letting you feel my one hand sliding down your back and resting on your hips though your wet tight clothes. My other hand slides down your chest cupping your breasts from the outside of your shirt. Slowly kissing your neck, I trace the outline of your nipple with my finger tips. Kissing my way down your body I use my hands to pull your shirt over your head. You can feel the rain pounding into your flesh as I continue to remove your shirt.

My warm breath embraces your nipples as I place my hot steamy tongue gracefully over them, you gasp as I take your nipple and I gently pull on it with my teeth on it. I feel your body jerk, knowing you are getting aroused. I start to roam over your drenched body with my trembling hands.

My teeth pull on your nipple as the heat from my hands start to warm your wet flesh. One hand begins to caress your ass through your clothes. You can feel me pulling on your nipples with my teeth, while I continue to rub your ass. I squeeze the nipple in-between my fingers before continuing to kiss down your body.

I sensuously kiss down your stomach, I get to your pants, running my hands along your stomach you sigh, and I quickly undo them. I notice that you are not wearing panties, so softly I run my hands up and down your legs you quiver at my soft touch, and gingerly step out of them.

The rain continues to encapsulate our naked flesh as I kiss upwards along your thighs, the trickles of water cooling down your body as my hand and mouth attempt to heat it up. You feel my hot breathe on your thighs and moving to your sensuous spot. I run my tongue along your thigh, slowly I open your legs, and you jerk as my tongue gently slides against you to tease you a bit. I stand up and look into your eyes, our gaze unfaltering as the thunder booms off in the distance.

Taking you in my arms we both begin to sink towards the ground our bodies becoming covered in the wet mud around us. As I lower you down, you guide me towards you, opening your legs to receive me as I kiss along your thighs. I reach my hand up to softly caress your nipples.

I let you feel my tongue caressing your skin, my hands touching every edge of your pussy lips. I kiss my way towards your pussy, feeling you tremble with anticipation as I continue to kiss around your hot wetness. My hot breath is masked by the rain covering our bodies. I take my tongue and gently lick your pussy lips letting you feel them open with my warm breath. I feel your hips move, jerking as I penetrate into, moving with the rhythm of my tongue, my tongue sliding further and further into you. You can feel my tongue sliding up over your clit then back down into your pussy, my breath warming your loins.

You feel the mud forming the shape of your wet trembling body as your hips rock with the movement of my warm and wanting mouth. Then suddenly you reach down and pull my head towards you. You start kissing me. I can feel in your kisses that you need me to make mad passionate love to you. I feel your body pounding with excitement, singing with anticipation for my throbbing, pulsating cock.

I start to kiss all over you body, coming back up to your head, I stop at your nipples and brush over them gently with my tongue, I give a little bite and you gasp and tense your body. You feel my hard, wet body pressing up against you, I suck on your nipple and you get overpowered with excitement and you roll me on to my back. You position yourself over my hard cock and press the tip against the opening of your mound and start to slowly slide it into your hot pussy.

You can feel it stretching you, as it slides deeper in your warm depths, the tip pushing deeper into you than anything you’ve felt before. You place your nipples on my face rubbing them along my lips, as I lick them you begin to sit up and caress your breast and nipples screaming with excitement, my hand caress your backside and you thrust down on my cock. Again and again you try to drive it deeper into your steaming hole. Suddenly both our bodies arch, our bodily fluids mixing us as we cum together in each others arms. Softly thrusting my cock in you we slowly disengage and collapse into the mud.

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3/5/2006 12:58 am

mmm... that was very enjoyable... made me very aroused and wet...

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