Sex: The Ultimate Medium  

Snufflesthekitty 41F
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5/2/2005 8:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex: The Ultimate Medium

If you think of sex as fluid, like I do, there is no end of the metaphores one might make. Does your sex life drip drop like a leaky faucet, or does it flow, massive and powerful, like a river?
These references work...however I think it can go deeper than that. Sex is fluid, in that it takes the shape of whatever it fills. Be it violent, be it love, be it playful, be it twisted, you are the vessel that shapes it. What will be your shape the next time it fills you?

chowbox2004 43M
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5/3/2005 7:30 am

A fire hose! When it gets into my mind, I cant turn it off. It builds and builds, every woman that I see becomes an outlet, for every woman has some beautiful aspect that is unique to them. The anticipation of a grand release can be overwehlming at times. What can I say, I'm a very sexual person, it is the ultimate expression of desire!

ExcitedSenses 38M

5/4/2005 12:25 am

i wish mine was more like a river instead of a trickle. that said i know once i find someone the dam will burst with the most powerful force

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