I Spent The Eveing With Santa  

SnowOwl_68 48F
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11/17/2005 12:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Spent The Eveing With Santa

I heard all this ruckus at my neighbors
Late one Christmas Eve I looked up on the
Roof WOW was that Santa up there ?
But was he just arriving or trying to leave?

All I saw was an arm sticking
Out of the chimney holding onto
A bag of toys he was not moving
I just heard a lot of noise so into
my garge I went climbed up onto the
Roof I could hear him muffled chatter..

Finally he yelled really loud
And all I could make out ...
HELP!!! too many cookies have
Made me much too stout.. I just
Began to think "OH NO"..what luck
Poor Sants is really stuck!!

Well I grabbed his arm and
Pulled with all my might
WHOOSH!!Out he came Santa
I said you really need to do
Something about that tummy
And tush...

He told me he agreed people
Are making chimneys smaller then
He said thank you I'm sure glad
You heard me holler he went on to say
I am all done with my deliveries except
for one house more it's your house can I
Come in through the door?

So Santa came in putting all the
Toys around the tree and when he was
Done he said no more cookies for me
I told him but Santa you're supposed to
Be fat and jolly he was determined I'm
Losing weight and I'll do it by gosh by golly !!

He then reassured me there was
No need to worry I'll lose only
A little cause Santa wouldn't be
Santa without my girth around the middle
Well that sounded like a plan I truly believe
WOW..what a night with that was my time with
Santa on Christmas Eve...

OH..And by the way there really
Is a SANTA I seen him what more can
I say ??


nighthawk_6969 60M

11/22/2005 4:45 am

good old santa,i love you snow, loved this just what we need get us in christmas spirit

SnowOwl_68 48F

11/23/2005 4:23 am

I love you Nighthawk
I love have the Chirstmas Spirit..

Hugs and Kiss

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