The Returned  

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8/14/2005 4:06 pm

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The Returned

Wow, my first blog ever. I had all sorts of ideas of stuff to write about that seemed good. Now it seems useless and stupid. This inconsistency that haunts my life must breed from somewhere, I suppose. But where?

I just finished driving for about 24 hours, returning from a pyrotechnics convention in the US. That's faster than it took to get there. I found out this new trend of energy drinks actually turns out to have some substance to it. I was hopped up on taurine, caffeine and sugar to keep me awake and it worked well.

Late at night I was driving along a mundane stretch of deep black highway. I tried not to stare at the luminescent strips leading away before me. As I guided the beast, Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" began to keep me up by blaring into in my ears with more intensity than anyone who wants to preserve their hearing should experience. I'd never listened to that song carefully enough before. I didn't realize what it was about. Funny how I lead my life by grazing over things presented to me. At times I find myself performing as a dull metal file would over an axe. I'd like to blame society for dulling my perception by bombarding me with useless attention-grabbing information, but I know that would be useless and likely inaccurate.

I stumbled into today while searching for information on butterfly knives. I've had to disregard the stereotype that people prowling the internet for friends are doing so because they've failed to succeed at the activity in real life. I can see that the place has potential. But knowing me I'll drift away from it and become involved in my own smaller sphere life rather than learn much here.

I'm hungry, but instead of eating I'll drink wine and feel like a junky. No wonder my BMI is on the bottom of the scale.

Mood: That which comes from being drunk, alone and tired, with an interesting persuit in front of me and a beautiful spectacle of the world out the window. I wish to disregard all of the things that irritate me and forget time by immersing myself in tangles of the mind. More wine please.

BTW the picture is of me holding a 23 L wine carboy to my mouth, finishing the last of it.

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