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9/26/2005 5:34 pm

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Spectator Storm

The picture is one I took (I like to take pictures but wouldn't call myself a photographer) of the waterfront at Queens University. The water was warmer than the air...

The lake/river/whatever is really pretty down there. It is interesting in winter too when it just starts to freeze. The way the water moved last year raised short walls of clear ice plates into the air. You can pick up these big plates and throw them around/ break them. It's fun .

Today it stormed. Not a big freaky storm with lightning but there was lots of wind and rain. So in between classes I went for a walk to enjoy it. I love it when it rains. It just makes it feel like it's an unusual day. Something out of the ordinary. Like something exciting might happen.

So there I was enjoying standing in the wind and rain on this little spot on the "coast". I had my Ipod mini playing for me too - I rarely leave home without it. Lo and behold there was some else there doing the same thing! Some girl I had met last year in the cafeteria. I felt like I was in one of those movies where people meet in a storm and fall madly in love. Of course we didn't fall madly in love since life is not like the movies...

So we talked for a while and tried to go out onto the docks but they wouldn't let us. Oh well. Good times.

This was a landmark weekend gone by in Ktown. Every year Queens has their Homecoming event. The football team has a game and alumni come back to visit. The Engineers have a tendancy to dye themselves and their leather jackets purple. Homecoming carries weight. It draws people from hundreds of kilometers away. My friends came down from Ottawa (2 hour drive) but I know people who came from farther for the weekend. I think because of this it's an event that sort of has a life of it's own. Because people will come the party will happen and because the party will happen people will come. A few minutes ago it was on the news in Ottawa, and my mom called me to see if I had been arrested or hurt in the brawl.

Two main features of Homecoming that I participated in this year are Aberdeen and the pancake keggers.

Aberdeen is a two block long street that is entirely surrounded by students. It turns into a street party on this weekend. Saturday night sees it packed wall to wall full of drunk people and broken glass (DON'T FALL DOWN!). Highlights this year includee a flipped and burning car (flipped over and over through the night) and more police than ever before (horseback, riot police etc.). The administration does their best to distract from it with concerts and such.

The police do their best to blockade the roads, but it doesn't work as people open up their properties to travel through them - roads are no longer necessary. People fight for their right to party. No cop in the city is allowed off that night. They rent vans because they don't have enough vehicles. Good fun is had by (almost) all. I'm not sure what exactly the function of the police is. Riot prevention maybe, which is reasonable. It pisses me off to think they would try to completely shut it down though. From talking to them they seemed fairly benign by the end of the night - I don't know what they are like in the beginning. They do give out a lot of drinking tickets... fundraising.

The pancake keggers are as the name implies - go at 8:30 or so in the morning and get all you can drink for $15 at someone's house. Eat pancakes too. Some are invite only, some you can simply walk into and pay. They naturally end when the alcohol runs out which for us was about 12:00. There are of course kegs but they also serve Purple Jesus. That is, purple coolaid with vodka. Think a laundry tub on the ground with a container of coolaid, some kilos of sugar, a few bottles of vodka and a garden hose to fill it up. Stir and enjoy! The flavor of purple coolaid is phenomenally good at masking the flavor of vodka so purple jesus is usually over 7% (though it's not like anyone measures) and it drinks like warm juice. It fits well with the hoodies people are wearing with the slogan "More Drinkingness!" on them.

Whew long post. That's all I have time for right now.

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