Well, we are here and there is nothing that can be done!  

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12/11/2005 4:07 am

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Well, we are here and there is nothing that can be done!

Where are we exactly? At the end of the weekend, boohoo. They are just to short. It is 31 degrees here in the east at 6:59am and I am up and at em again. Listening to the radio, and surfin the net. Glad to be alive and have some friends that send me encouraging emails. I had six from on friend this morning, and that was a pleasant surprise.
I saw in the news yesterday that Richard Pryor died. Well, that is sad but no surprise, he used himself up in a shorter period of time than most. Sounds like he died peacefully and I suppose that is a blessing at least. Rest well, comic!

The other daughter and her boyfriend are here and they stayed the night. I guess it was more than I could have expected for them to respect my wishes. After all, the girl is a lot like her mother so what else needs saying? Just goes to show you, they are all in this thing together. Well, they will just have each other before to long and I will be well shed of them all. That can not happen too soon!

Ok, it is fast approaching evening on this last day of our precious weekend and the new work week looms large in the near distance. It will be out the door in the cold early in the AM. Damn, I hate the cold. LOL Also, the house still has 4 people in it besides me, that makes the odds a little one sided but they have stayed out of my way and me out of theirs. So, I am not sure what is going to happen now, cause it is almost a sure thing that the college both of the new arrivals go to is out for Christmas break and that means they may well be here off and on till January something! Wow, lucky me huh? Just glad I am not feeding them. I presume they will all go to Virginia for Christmas day at the parents home but not sure what schedule they will follow. I am going to be out of town from the 23rd thru at least the 26th and maybe more. I do not have any fixed plan on that yet. My time off can not come soon enough. I have to work this full week but then our term break starts and I will be off till Jan. 3rd or 4th. Spring term classes start on the 5th.
I am going to close this post out for today, not much else to include. I have bored all of you with my drivel long enough. Have a great evening and try and conserve energy any way you can. The damn gas prices are heading back up again just because they can do it mostly. We have to hold our ground and be tough. Let's show them all what we are made of. Ok? Alright! Forge ahead then! Go team! LOL
Nite, nite!

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