Wednesday, hump day and on the downhill slide!  

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12/7/2005 3:16 am

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Wednesday, hump day and on the downhill slide!

OH man, 25 degrees at 6:15am here in the east and just as I have said before, too damn cold. BooHiss. Have my long day ahead today but at least it is going to be fairly normal, I think. No major things are anticipated just have to put in the time and do the chores that are part of working for a living. Looking forward to tomorrow when I do not have to go in until evening. That makes today easier to handle with the outlook of an easier tomorrow. I know, what a wimp. Oh get a life will ya? Everybody has a right to complain, so I do my share. LOL More later, got to go defrost my truck, damn cold weather anyway!
Also, this is December 7th, so remember that we had a terrible surprise on that day back in 1941 which was unsurpassed until 9/11. There are always going to be enemies of freedom. We have to fight them to remain free! Never forget!

OH, later on hump day and not a lot to add to this post, just been workin and makin a livin! LOL Well, that is what has been takin up most of my time today so there is not much else you can do our report on. Like most of us, keeping the wolf away from the door is a constant challenge.

We are having a heat wave here in the triad, it is up to 48 degrees and actually quite sunny and nice outside. Had a few icy spots this morning but nothing that was any problem, just here and there.

I know what it must be like to have writers block now. Nothing much to add except I continue to be dismayed by our lack of control on the highways. To fast, to many single person vehicles and it just goes on. I figure you heard the latest from our muslim enemies in the middle east today. The #2 man in Al-Qaida is calling for the insurgents in all of the oil producing countries of the arab world to attack and destroy the oil production plants. Well, who do you suppose that is aimed at? Not the Chinese. Maybe the British or Germans but mostly at us. And yet we blindly drive our big gas guzzlers happily down the road with no thought to what will happen when we can not do that. How does walking sound? You will be very surprised what is coming, I am afraid, we all will be very unhappy. These people are dead set on causing worldwide chaos and do not care about anyone except their own agenda. We can not let that happen. Take heed gang, it is coming. There is going to be a showdown and it is not going to be pretty. Remember what today commemorates? Well, like I said, better remember because it can and most likely will happen again. Prepare, by not doing the things that make it easier for us to be caught unprepared. STOP using so much oil, gas, or what ever it is that comes from off shore. Cut them off and let them try and eat that crap. It is the only way to win this outside of total annihilation of that part of the world and no one wants that.

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