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3/29/2006 3:34 am

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Hump day again and we are mid way through. It is 45 degrees here in the east at 6:33am and we are supposed to have mid to upper 60s for temps later today! I like this spring time thing! LOL I have to head in to the office in a bit, but not a big deal for today. Just a few chores and then back here to the house for a little down time before my evening class tonight. So, on we go and what awaits, no one really knows.
Lunch is over and I am gonna jump in the shower here at my house in a little bit. I like to get all squeaky clean then lay down for my little snooze to get ready for tonight. Yeah, I know, old people have to have naps, well, get over it. I am also going to make some other changes here in a while, so if you are good, I might tell ya about them. Be back later on toady!
At work again, for my night class. Have to head to the classroom in a bit, but wanted to just pop on here and say that it has been an absolutely glorious day here in NC today. Weather has been so nice is really does feel like spring. It can only get better from here and March officially ends this Friday so we are in good shape, I think! If you can get out and enjoy some of this weather, you should, it will do you good. I have to run but will be back to close out for the evening when I get back to the house after work tonight.
Back at the house again, and my Wednesday is about over. I am gonna chat with a friend in Ky for a little while and watch some TV but gonna be hitting the hey by 11. Got to get my beauty sleep you know. Hey, got some good news today. No, not that kind, the wife is still just like the last nearly 7 months. No, this news involves a cousin of mine who has lived in California for most of the last 40 years or so and he and his wife are moving back to Virginia in the summer of this year. They will be living just 2 hours north of where I am and that is so cool. I have always been close to this one cousin and he and I have a lot in common. Maybe things are starting to go my way for a change, or at least I hope so! LOL Nite, nite, peeps, sleep well! More adventures of the days of my life tomorrow. 73s and SK

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3/29/2006 4:56 am

Why cant everyday be Friday night and Saturday and Sunday????

Purry {=}


SmoothOneAllMan replies on 3/29/2006 9:23 am:
I am all for that suggestion, Purry!

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