Tuesday and off we go!  

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3/21/2006 3:41 am

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Tuesday and off we go!

Burrrrrrrrrrrrr it is 38 degrees here in the east this morning at 6:30am. Well, old man winter is trying to make a last stab at doing something around the country. We have just had cold rain so no real problem here. Glad I am not out in the mid west, boohiss. That would really suck. So, what is on the agenda for us today? It is my long day of the week but that is getting ready to change. I have an evening class on Tuesday that ends in two weeks. That will make the rest of my term pretty easy and a bit less hectic. I know, work is supposed to be work and not fun. Well in my profession, fun is allowed. Or, at least, having fun on the job is a good way to approach the work. I like it anyway! Oh, it is raining here this morning also. Looks like the radar is showing some clearing around our area so maybe the rain will stop and some sun will pop out.
Nope, no sun and it is 5pm and very overcast outside but no real rain in the entire state. Just mist from the clouds and the dreary icky cold feeling of the damp 40 degree air. It is supposed to be up around 50 tomorrow, now that is more like it. Let's see, we had summer in the winter time, now we are having winter in the spring so what will summer be like? Hard to tell. LOL I know it is gonna get warmer so that is all that counts. More later before bed time. This is my long day and I am back on the job, got class in a bit.
Well, made it through another long Tuesday and finally back at the house. I would say I am home, but you know how that is here. It is just a house where three people live. I live here, the wife lives here, and one of here worthless daughters lives here with us. Boy am I lucky huh? Of course the daughter takes after here mom and is learning to be as worthless as her mother is. Neither one does anything worth while, just take up space on the planet and convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. Not much of a legacy huh? Nite, nite, peeps, before I get on a soapbox!

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3/21/2006 4:48 am

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