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9/20/2005 3:41 am

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Early in the AM here in the east. I rise early on most days, especially work days. Have a full schedule today and will be involved with more of the divorce stuff I am sure. The ongoing trials of people are a never ending source of amazement to me. Life sure can get tough, but I am upbeat, confident, and ready for more of the right king of things that life has to offer. Having friends from AdultFriendFinder is sure a step in the right direction. More later!
Ok, it's later, but not by much. I am at work and just getting ready for my day, not a lot on the docket today, kind of usual. But, tomorrow thru Friday is gonna be a bitch. I have to be here a lot to do some extra stuff, but that is why it is called work, not fun. Got to have some fun soon, getting to be a dull boy, and that is just not cool. Later!
Afternoon and things are still ok, got legal stuff to deal with today about the divorce, boohiss. Oh well, got to be done. Have a cool new friend thanks to AdultFriendFinder and hope to make some more. I am trying to put together a friends network of happy people that I can spend some time with locally. We can share our good times, and maybe some bad, but certainly have more fun together than alone. I have not ever done anything like this so bear with me. I may make a few mistakes along the way but my intentions are for all to gain and have fun. I hope many of you will help me achieve this. Thanks to the ones who have already!
Ok, last update for today. It is about 8:30pm or so and it is raining outside which is a good thing. I am finished with my classes for today and will head home soon. Tomorrow will start those three very long days I mentioned earlier. So, stay tuned for more adventures of the new blogger. LOL Nite all!

Tarheelnative2 64F

9/20/2005 11:23 am

I recall those early days of separation...but I had an 11 year old to support too. It's an adjustment, naturally, but since you've been there before, I am sure you remember. Although I am farther away than you specify, we could communicate, and if we are in each other's area, meet if we decide to come from behind the keyboards. Take a look at my profile and let me know, Have a good afternoon!

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