Tuesday, the long day!  

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1/24/2006 6:30 am

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Tuesday, the long day!

Wow, did it ever hit the fan yesterday when I got home from work. The wife was waiting for me and as I walked in the door, she tore into me big time. Not physically of course but verbally. Some of her family was down for a long weekend visit and I was less than the host she would have liked. Well, duh? Also, all of them went off to church on Sunday morning and I figured I was all alone. But, to make sure, which is my right as the home owner, I checked rooms and one had the door locked. So, I popped the lock with the little emergency unlock feature and there was one kid in the bed that had not gone out. With no other word, what would I think about a locked room in my house when the wife and I are at war over this separation thing. I just looked at the kid, inquired if she was ok and then re-locked the door and closed it. All totaled, about 10 seconds. Now, the wife screams at me yesterday after all the guests had left for home and wants to know why I invaded the privacy of the kid in the room. First, it is my house and I have a right and an obligation to know who is in it at all times. If for no other reason than that I am responsible for the safety of everyone who is in my house. Second, it is my house and the only rights anyone has other than me and the wife are those which we grant. Since the wife is part owner she has some say in the handling of the house but can not override my decisions on how I handle my rights. So, there we were, her screaming about it being "our" house and not mine, well the one who pays is the one who gets to call the tune. The only thing I am required to give the wife is half of the profit from the sale of the house under the community property laws of NC. So, the fun continues. I hate this shit! Ok, I am at work and have to get to it so more later, I will be her off and on all day until late this evening. See ya later!

Later it is, and I am at work but about to head out to the house. Boy, don't that sound like fun? Lucky me huh? Heading to a house where there is a woman living that just would love for me to be anyplace else except there. I will be someday and it can not happen soon enough. I am keeping the pressure on to see if I can speed the process up some.
Nite folks, sleep tight and see ya tomorrow!

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