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8/29/2006 3:17 am

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Ok, it is 74 degrees now and you know it is going to be HOT hot today! Well, it is also the day I have to go down to the court house to see if the wife and I can settle our financial status. I heard from my lawyer last night by email that we will probably be heard about 10am today. So, by lunch time, this crap may well be over and I can truly move on with my life.

I am off today for the most part but for the little trip mentioned above. I plan to stay inside as much as possible and out of the heat. Just going to be oppressive today, to muggy to be out.

I have class tonight so that may work out ok as it will be a little cooler by the evening hours. Or at least I hope it is. Of course I have my class in the cool of our building and that makes things very nice.

Well, there may be more to report later today so stay tuned, it may get interesting.

Ok, it is over for now. Started at 10am went to 12:30pm and then back at 2:30pm till 4pm. The judge could not come up with a figure of support for the wife in that time so all we did is have a long discussion about how little money my wife is making and how much I am making in comparison. Well, I work a full time job for a living and if you are living at home with your mom and dad there is little reason to worry about working. So, I am likely to be screwed by this time tomorrow as the ruling is due about noon tomorrow. I do not have to be in court for it, my attorney will handle the details and let me know. All in all, the whole process sucks and it is only intended that the lawyers make money, not the people involved in the action. No wonder there is so much crime in this country. If you are the right race, gender, or what ever, you can damn near get away with murder. Speaking of that, you can get away with murder, depending on who you are. The average working stiff has no chance at all, none!

Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Looks like the storm in Fla is gonna be a lot less severe than first thought. That is a good thing!

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