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8/15/2006 3:49 am

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Well, it is a bit warmer this morning than yesterday. it is 70 degrees at present and will probably get up to mid 80's or so. One nice thing is that the humidity has decreased considerably over the last few days. That makes the heat a lot easier to cope with. I hope it is moderating some where you are.

I have a few chores to do today, but not a big deal at all. Tomorrow is back to work day so I will have to get back in my groove. Classes begin this coming Monday. I am kind of excited about getting back to work. I like working and having the responsibility of being some place to provide a necessary service, and get paid of course. LOL I would not do this work if not for being paid well.

Things are quiet on all other fronts so far, not much to report this early in the day. I suspect today's mail will bring some news, either good or bad. Stay tuned for further developments in my so called life!

Wow, it is now about 2pm and I have had a nap and looked out at the skies and it looks like rain. I hope we get some rain, it is kind of dry. Temp is about 86 degrees and that is ok, not quite as muggy as it has been but a little more than over the weekend. We will have some really nice weather here in another couple of weeks as fall starts to roll in. I really look forward to fall and spring, my time of year.

I am heading out to my favorite seafood restaurant this evening. I could cook here but would rather have what they fix. I have some frozen shrimp in the freezer but will save them till another occasion. I might have some catfish tonight, but then again . . . .? ? LOL

It was catfish, and man was it ever good! I really like the way those folks cook at that place. And, it is still almost 81 degrees outside but I do not plan on going out anymore tonight so I have the AC goin and a fan blowing here in my room. Feels good in my altogether state. I just got out of the shower and still have not put on any clothes, mmmmmmm, no need to since I am here by myself! LOL I kind a like that option.

I have to head out in the morning to my work place and get back in the grind of it all. But, it is what I do and they do pay me so that works out very well. My class load may shrink a bit this term. Only have two students in one class and I do not like teaching a class for two people. Just not enough dynamic for me, or the students. I will have to run this by the bosses tomorrow and see what they have to say. I have plenty of students in my 5 other courses so loosing one will not kill me. It will just make my work load a bit lighter.

Well, I am about out of drivel for another day. No word on any of the pending legal crap so I guess we are back to a status quo for now. I hate this whole thing, but at least I am here and she is not! LOL Got to be thankful for small favors. Nite, nite, peeps and sleep well and save some energy when you can, if you look, it is having an effect.

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