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6/20/2006 3:47 am

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Well, it is 65 degrees outside and still 77 in my house and the wife has the AC on already. We just have so much money that using electricity to cool instead of opening some windows for a while is just the better way to go. Damn, no wonder this woman and I are splitting up. She has no idea what is takes to provide for yourself and others, but she will soon know more about it. We have not signed and agreement yet so I guess we will be at the court house tomorrow morning to get this thing settled between us. I was told yesterday that a settlement can still be signed, even just outside the courtroom in the hallway, if we can somehow agree. I do not think that will be possible but who knows, anything is possible when you deal with emotions instead of common sense and logic. I can tell you that I am very glad that tomorrow is going to make something happen instead of just more of the "nothing" that has gone on for the last 9+ months.
I have a regular day today, class and then some chores but no big agenda. The rest of the week past Wednesday should go about like most weeks and then on Friday, I am going to load up on some sea food and head back to Virginia for some getaway fun at the lake. Might even take a bottle of JD with me for the celebration or the crying time, whichever it turns out to be.
More later!
Well, it is afternoon, about 3:30pm and I have house guests for the night. Mother-in-law, wife's other two children, and a niece. I suppose you could call this the cheering section for tomorrow. I can just see this now, me and my lawyer in the court room, and the wife, et al. Man, talk about loading the deck! Well, it is a good thing that the judge does not have to make any decisions on how many supporters you have in the gallery. If that were true, I would be screwed for sure. I think this time tomorrow that is going to be better no matter how this all comes out, is just has to be better. I hope!

Ok, I have been out for some supper and now back at the house. Alone for the moment, but I figure that whole bunch will be back from the mall or where ever it is they have gone. I am just chillin and listening to some oldies on the radio and then going to watch a little TV before retiring for the evening. So, until we meet again, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well! Save some energy when you can!

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