Thursday in the icy triad!  

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12/15/2005 3:35 am

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Thursday in the icy triad!

It is 29 degrees here in the east at 6:30am and it is raining and that is not a good combo. Rain at these temps means just one thing in our area, ice on everything. I have not looked out but once to see what was happening and it is still to dark to tell much. I will poke my head out in a bit when it is more light. Damn, I hate cold weather. It always does this kind of crap here. BOOHISS! And I have to try and get out in a bit for breakfast, and a haircut later in the morning, good thing I do not have to be at work early. I have to be there this evening but it is supposed to be ok by then. Of course if it was to bad to get out for breakfast, I am sure the wife would volunteer to fix breakfast for me! Oh yeah, in a pigs eye! LOL
I was right, not one peep about fixing me any breakfast, so I went out, started up my truck to defrost. Yes, let it run to warm up and burn that damn high price gas, but it was easier than chipping away at the roughly an eighth inch of ice coating my windows. It melted, I went to my favorite breakfast spot, had a good breakfast and then went to get my hair cut. But, the barber did not make it in to his shop, I suppose it is to icy, he lives a little ways out of town so I have to get that done later. While I was out, I stopped to get some new wiper blades for my truck, the old ones were not doing the job and for less than $20 bucks it is a no-brainer to just let the Advance Auto guys put them on when you buy them. Hehe, just to damn lazy for my own good I suppose! But, in this rainy weather, they can pop them on in seconds and they get wet, not me. Besides, they like to do it and it seems to make their day! LOL Why not????
NOTE TO AdultFriendFinder: How about fixing the spell checker for these entries? It is still only hit or miss and mostly miss. Would be nice to have that feature fixed!

Ok, well you sure have to be careful what you put in these posts. My description of the ice thickness turned into a little pecker. HEHEHEH, ok it was funny but I did not know it would do that. Have to watch how some things are interpreted by this BB. Oh, also, I found the nightstand, it is in the dinning room too. I just did not see it last night. So, I suppose the minor movement is still a good sign. At least the stuff is closer to the exits from the house than they were in my room. LOL, you have to be thankful for something. Still raining here and some ice build-up on trees but the roads are ok and no major problems yet. I just checked the radar and it appears there is some clearing coming in behind this rain band. I sure hope so, I would really like to give that final tonight!
Oh damn! I hate cold weather, classes are canceled for tonight so I have to do a make-up now, that sucks! I just hate this at a time when we are all but done anyway. I sure hope we do not get canceled out again tomorrow, that will really screw things up. It is still hovering about 33 or 34 degrees here and the rain seems to be about over. I checked the radar and it looks like we are seeing the last of it. I hope!
Boy, when I am home at a time when I am not used to, I have a lot of trouble figuring out what to do next. I was just coming back in from my supper run to K&W and I was handed the phone by the current MRS. My youngest daughter was calling from Virginia to check on her dad and to wish me a Merry Christmas. It was the first time we have spoken for some time, and she was not aware of my marital situation. Well, she was very sweet and expressed how sorry she was to hear we were going to divorce. I think she genuinely liked my wife, even though her own mom and I had divorced. Seems over the years she has not been all that close to her mom. Go figure huh? Well, anyway, it was nice to hear from her and to get her new mailing address and phone number. Last time I knew of her, she was living in Roanoke but has moved to Boones Mill. That is a big switch! But being in the country is not a long way from where she started out. So, as long as she, her daughter and husband are happy, it am tickled to death. See, I really am easy to please. Well, it is still 34 degrees and was raining a bit when I was out but I sure hope the forecast holds and we get the clearing that was to come. I really do not need to be off again tomorrow. Till then, nite, nite peeps! Sleep tight!

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