SmoothOneAllMan 68M
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6/1/2006 4:04 am

Well, I did not forget to post today! It is 7am and already 68 degrees so it is gonna be hot again today. We hit near 90 yesterday and the AC has been on here full out for most of the week. My electric bill is gonna soar for sure.
Ok, I have got to get out to breakfast here in a little bit. Have lab today at 12:30pm so that will go ok, I hope! LOL Then, you guessed it, I am finished for the day and also the week. I do have some chores and errands to do tomorrow but hey, it ain't work!
I do not expect much in the way of news today, but you know how life is, it comes at you fast so I have heard! Tell me advertising don't work!

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