Thursday, and we are almost finished this week!  

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4/27/2006 4:08 am

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Thursday, and we are almost finished this week!

52 degrees at 7am and I am a bit late getting started on this entry. Oh well, I managed to sleep in a bit, till almost 6:30. Kinda felt good to do that. I do not have an agenda this morning, just going out to breakfast shortly and then just see what happens, no big deal yet. I have class tonight and that is a no prob sit so it is a good day already unless some other weird shit rears its ugly head. Things like that have a habit of popping up on ya don't they? Yeah, that is why the popular saying "shit happens" is my fav and I used it in the description of this blog. It really is one of the true statements of life.
Continuing on the theme of crap and such, have you seen this headline?
"Senate Panel Says FEMA Is Beyond Repair" Well talk about your proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Wonder what FEMA would have to say about the condition of the Senate? Who do these ding dongs think they are? Just because they sit on capital hill they somehow feel they are endowed with special wisdom I suppose. Damn, that is really a funny one! These guys and gals would not know if something was broke if it bit them on the ass. I think we should just declare a citizens revolt and clean the slate and start from scratch. Starting with, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc that this country was built on. We sure have gotten away from the basic tenants of those founding ideals. It is a sad thing indeed.
The news just keeps getting better, take a look at this peeps!

"Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, posted its biggest first-quarter profit ever on Thursday, but higher taxes dragged the results below Wall Street forecasts. The Texas behemoth reported a profit of $8.4 billion, on the heels of record earnings of $10.7 billion in the previous quarter."

Can you imagine how these guys are laughing all the way to the bank? And who are they laughing at? You and me baby, you and me! We just keep pulling in and filling up, just like they knew we would. It makes me wanna puke!

Congress Struggles to Act on Gas Prices.
Speaking of having problems dealing with crap, what about this? Maybe congress is broken and can not be repaired, and that is why they have to struggle with stuff like gas prices. Just what is it they think they can do anyway? The price of gas is not decided by legislation. Supply and demand are the biggest driving forces and in this country, out and out GREED is a big part of the pricing structure. So, maybe congress can outlaw greed. That would be tantamount to legislating morality wouldn't it? Just plain dumb, is all there is to say! Might as well be living in China, they do that over there.

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