Thursday, 11/10/05, almost to a weekend!  

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11/10/2005 4:27 am

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Thursday, 11/10/05, almost to a weekend!

I slept in again this morning, did not arise until 6:45am, wow, just can not sleep like I used to. But, here I am doing my morning stuff including blogging. This may be a sort of dull day but I will do my best.
I see there is still unrest and trouble around the world. Looking at the headlines this morning, seems as though people everywhere think they can do just what they want and get away with it. Those idiots in France think all the burned cars and property will just go unpunished. LOL, boy are they in for a surprise. And in Jordan, Iraq, and other places around the world, Al-Qaida seem to think they are immune from punishment. Not gonna happen gang. If the folk in those parts of the world do not wake up and see what those fanatics are doing to them, it is gonna be a sad day when reckoning comes. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you have to remember what Mr. Bush said in NY following the 9/11 tragedy. We will bring the guilty to justice, or take justice to them. There is a payday coming and it can not be avoided.
Also, I have to tip my hat to my buddies with whom I served back in the day.

The history of the Marine Corps is unique and glorious, pre-dating even the birth of our nation. The first official Marines were commissioned by the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, and described in this way:

Resolved: That two Battalions of Marines be raised... That they be enlisted and commissioned for and during the present war between Great Britain and the colonies, unless dismissed by order of Congress. That they be distinguished by the names of the first & second battalions of American Marines, and that they be considered a part of the number, which the continental Army before Boston is ordered to consist of.

Semper Fi, happy birthday and thanks!

I have been catching up some work, got that done and it is creeping up on my lunchtime so I must go out in search of sustenance. Also, been looking at the reaction of the people in Jordan to the bombings there. I think they are right to be outraged and believe that this will only add to and hasten the demise of the extremists in the muslim ranks. I know muslim should probably be capitalized but not until it is earned. Sorry, I have a long memory!

Ok, last entry for today. I heard about this link on the radio this afternoon and I went there. is a site that is sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas here in North Carolina. But, there are bound to be ones like it all over the internet for you part of the US. Take a look, see what they have to say and if you think it is part or mostly propaganda designed to get us ready for extreme gas bills when the cold hits, then there is a link at the bottom of the page for contacting them. Take the time, contact them and let them know your feelings and what you plan to do to keep them from reaping windfall profits like the big oil companies. Our combined effort to keep energy costs in line will work. We have regular gas in our part of NC at about $2.09/gal in some places, and $2.19 in most. So stay the course, hang in there and keep the pressure on.

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