T-Day and off and running!  

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12/13/2005 3:10 am

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T-Day and off and running!

27 degrees here in the triad at 6:15am and my day today is going to be about like many other Tuesday's but for my annual physical. I have an appointment with my regular doc today for a check up. I started getting these every year when I turned 50 which I thought was a good idea. Seems the smart thing to do in light of medical knowledge these days. Although, I know people who still never see a doctor unless there is something wrong with them. Oh well, to each his own. Other than that, I have my normal evening work today so that will be about the biggest thing that I get accomplished all day.

The physical went off without a hitch. No problem detected in the exam. I need a tetanus booster, been 10 years since my last one. Got to go back and get that later, they were out of the serum today. Also, the doc wants to do another sigmoidoscopy this coming year. Boy, those are fun! I told him that I would have to give that some thought due to my present circumstances and how I have to watch my expenditures. I may just put it off till next year.
So, checked out and ready for the Christmas break coming up. Got three more days this week and then on break. Trip to Virginia for the Christmas weekend, life is good!
No news on the separation front this week yet and there may not be before years end. I figure many of the lawyer types take some time off this part of the year.

I do not have any other gems to put in this post so I figure this is it for today! I am at work anyway and need to get busy here in a bit. Take care and sleep well everyone. Nite, nite!

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