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7/9/2006 3:53 am

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It is 60 degrees this morning so looks like our little cool spell may be ending. Although, 60 is ok with me. I got an email from my lawyer yesterday, there has been no movement on the other side toward finalizing our separation but looks like it may be in the offing soon. I know I will just be very glad, as will you I am sure, when the whole thing is complete and I can write about something else.
Speaking of something else, I am going back to Virginia for a weekend at my buddy's place next weekend. That is a good thing to talk about and a time when I can rest and relax and not have to think about crap here. Also, I am taking another day off this week, so I will be off on Tuesday. I have a special thing to attend at noon and might as well use the little bit of personal time I have for that purpose.
So, looks like a simple, and hopefully productive week ahead. The wife is leaving for her home on Tuesday and will be gone the rest of this week. That is a good thing, since she will be taking a load of her crap with her, the house will look better after that. Her dad is coming to help with his van so between that and the car, she can take quite a bit. That should leave only a few odds and ends for her to take away on the 22nd when she goes for good. Let's see, the 22nd is only 13 days away, but then who is counting? LOL ME, ME, ME!
UPDATE DATELINE Baghdad: Shiite Gunmen Kill 41 Sunnis in Baghdad Well, I ask you now, if they can not stand eachother, who can they get along with? The problem with these crazy people is they hate anyone who is not like them, thinks like them or whatever like them. I say let them kill eachother off and then we can move back in and have all the oil that we need. These friggin lowlifes do not deserve the bounty that they have. Of course this is just M.02$W!!!

Ok, been out, had supper and am back home now. 8pm and no news to put at the end of the blog entry for today, so just have to say, nite, nite, peeps! Sleep well and try and save some energy. You know those ragheads over in the middle east will not want you to and neither will our folks in the oil business, but hey, screw them all!

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