Sunday, but almost not!  

SmoothOneAllMan 69M
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7/23/2006 4:46 pm
Sunday, but almost not!

Man, I just got my ISP back from a series of T-Storms that we had most of last night and into this AM early. Must have knocked out the tower or something, cause it was out all day and just came back on a bit ago. I am really glad too, been pretty lonesome around here with the wife gone and no Internet connection. I was forced to do shopping and cleaning in stead of surfing. LOL What a life huh? I do not have much to add but that this first day without the wife has been pretty good and I am looking forward to many more. This has been so long in coming that is seems like a kind of a dream yet, but it is sinking in. The days to come will be more of what living is supposed to be like instead of the hell I have been living these last 11 months. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!
So, it is hot, been hot all day and will be hot all night I suspect. It is still 76 degrees outside and it is coming up on 8pm. I will hopefully have much better stuff to talk about in the coming days as this new lifestyle takes hold.
For now, nite, nite, peeps and sleep well. Yes, save some energy too!

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