Saturday part two! Or too much time on my hands!  

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11/12/2005 6:33 am

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Saturday part two! Or too much time on my hands!

I am in the midst of doing my laundry and surfing the Internet which is where the following is from:
CHICAGO (AP) - A desktop computer stolen last month from one of the nation's three major credit bureaus contained Social Security numbers and other credit information for as many as 3,600 people, the company confirmed Friday.
TransUnion LLC, which along with Equifax Inc. and Experian Information Solutions checks consumers' credit on behalf of banks and other lenders, acknowledged the security breach after it was first reported this week by the Privacy Times newsletter.
The Chicago-based firm said consumers who may have been affected were notified last month following the early October burglary of a small TransUnion sales office in California. They were offered a year of free credit monitoring and the ability to place a fraud alert on their files.
Spokeswoman Colleen Tunney said the computer was password-protected and was only one of the items stolen, suggesting the credit information was not the target of the burglary. She said TransUnion notified police and has been monitoring the credit reports of the affected consumers closely since.
"At this point we do not believe there is any indication of any fraudulent activity," she said.
Legislation pending in Congress would require companies to inform people if their personal information were compromised.
The data industry prefers a version requiring that people be notified only if a company decides there is a substantial risk that a breach would result in fraud or identity theft.

Are they kidding us? Who is in charge in these places? How many times are we going to be subjected to this ludicrous pretense for security? I am just appalled at the repeat events and there is little or nothing being done about it. The people who were possibly affected were "notified"! What did the notice say? Maybe something like, hang on, your are about get screwed with your pants on. Or, we f---ed up but wanted you to know that you are ok, or at least we hope you will be. It would be in your best interest to check all of your credit accounts, banking records, etc. to see that there is no unauthorized activity! You think?
Damn, I think these dildo's are going to have to take a better position than this and step up to account for and pay for any unauthorized activity instead of putting the burden on the poor souls who happened to get scammed because of their lack of diligent security. Seems all corporate America understands is lawsuit. Well, get them in court and make them pay attention.
I have taken the position that if I speak with a business on the phone, I ask that they pass along to their management that I do not like the idea of my call being recorded for "security and accuracy" purposes or whatever purpose. This activity has been to blame for other leaks of personal data to the world at large. We have to do business a different way in light of how our world has changed. Thieves and crooks are to willing to seize on any opportunity to make a quick buck and if we do not continue with valiance, they will continue to get away with it. So, let's all do our part and hold these gomers to task!
Thanks for caring!

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