Saturday and I am up and at it!  

SmoothOneAllMan 69M
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4/8/2006 3:47 am
Saturday and I am up and at it!

6:35am here in the east and the temp is 63 degrees. Man it is gonna be warm today, but with the storm fronts running through, it will cool down some by evening. But, at the lake it is always cool, with a nice breeze and I am not gonna worry about what the weather is like here. Wife is still gone, I suppose she will come back tomorrow or sometime, although it matters not to me when or if she comes back. I am fine with where ever she may be. One of her kids from Virginia called here yesterday for her and I just said, she is not here and I do not know where she is. The kid sounded a little confused, but then again, she is not a mental giant anyway.
So, I got the laundry going and will be heading out to get some breakfast in a little bit. The place I eat does not open till 7am on weekends and the first wash load will be out by then. After breakfast I have to get my things packed for the trip and then I can just relax for a bit before I hit the road around noon. There are some storms heading this way that may impact my driving time a bit, but, I only have a two hour drive and no particular time to have to arrive. My buddy and I are going out tonight with some lady friends of his but I will be there in plenty of time to get ready for that. No, if you are thinking we are going to some kind of orgy, that is not it. His girlfriend and a couple of here friends and a sister want to go and see a new place that has opened in the area is all that is on the agenda. Remember, we are not young and wild kids. All of us are late 50's to early 60s so we have been down the wild night out road before and not anxious to do it again. This time of life is a little more reserved than earlier. Tonight is all about having a good time and enjoying the company and diversion.
Ok, that is about all I can think of for this post so it will have to do ya for a while. I will be gone until next Sunday the 16th, so hang in there and conserve some energy when you can. The damn robber barons are at it again. Have you noticed the gas prices? I bet you have! Just friggin ridiculous is all it is. Bye, bye ya'll. Enjoy!

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