Saturday, and all is well! I think?  

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12/3/2005 3:29 am

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Saturday, and all is well! I think?

6:27am here in the east, 33 degrees, sounds like a broken record huh? Well, sometimes I do not have much to say, nor can I think of a really clever way to say it. I suppose that is the way of drivel! LOL I will be a little busy today doing some things but am looking forward to the down time. Just kick back, relax, take a nap this afternoon and gather my strength for the tasks of the week ahead. Not a bad plan, eah?

It is later in the day and I just about screwed up royally. You have to be careful hitting the ctrl+V and ctrl+C keys, I had put some update material in this post and was gonna spell check it and hit the V instead of the C and bang, all gone. So, I am back to updating and trying to remember what I just typed! LOL
I had a great breakfast with a friend this morning. Thank you for that by the way! And have gotten my laundry done and put away. I had a good nap this afternoon, did a few work things and now am about to figure out what to do for my supper this evening.
Also, the daughter that is usually away at college came in this afternoon with her fiancée but hopefully they will be leaving soon. I asked her not to bring him here for an overnight stay since the situation with her mother and I has existed. Not a great atmosphere for visiting you might imagine. We will see what happens later in the day. UPDATE FROM SUNDAY! The daughter and boyfriend left and went back to their place. Glad that happened!

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