Saturday, again!  

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7/29/2006 3:38 am

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Saturday, again!

This one is different than last Saturday. It is 71 degrees outside, sort of like last week. I am in the same house, like last week. I have to do some stuff today, like every week. But the one nice and really cool thing about this Saturday is that I have completed the first whole week without that damn woman living here and I am lovin' it. This is the start of week two and I am looking forward to even better times and feelings as the weeks roll on by. Life is definitely getting better by the day.

Had a wonderful time yesterday on my out of town lunch engagement. Got to see some new parts of the country and enjoyed the company of a new friend. Now that is the way life should be. Fun, friends, and livin' like it matters and not just to get through the day. I am sure the wife is doing that very thing as we speak and I hope all her days are full of life, just not around me! LOL

Come Monday, I will be heading to my buddy's place in Virginia to spend a week and I am really looking forward to that. We have so much in common and this time, my cousin will be there which will make it all the better. Next weekend, we are having some other people in to have a mini-class reunion. I tell you, this is the life. Fun, fun, and more fun! Gotta love it!

Ok, it is coming up on 10:30am and I have the laundry all finished and am gonna coast the rest of the day. It is 80 degrees outside and about 76 inside. The temps are gonna get high again today and the three Hs are on the way! HHH, is the order of the day and even with a bit of a storm late last night, it is not any cooler today. So, we will bake yet again, as is our lot here in the south. I will just stay inside in the AC and let the outside do its thing. I have some work to do on my courses for the fall term so I will get in some time on them today. Monday I will get two large pieces of furniture out of the house and on their way to the Salvation Army. That will be a load off my mind, cause the rest of the stuff here is going with me to my apartment once I get the house sold. Times, they are a changin'.

Wow, hot, H.O.T. hot! HHH is in full swing and I have been in most of the day but for a little outing this morning early. I just am not a heat and humidity person. Heat I can stand but the sicky and yucky humidity, that sucks! So, I did some stuff inside today and worked on my school things like I said I was gonna do! I napped a bit, and have been gettin some things ready for my trip out of town next week. I like this kind of lifestyle! Nice and easy pace!

Well, it is about that time, I am out of drivel and you are prolly board of reading this crap. So, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well!

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