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8/14/2006 3:09 am

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Ok, my break is about over and looks like the weather is giving us a break too. 63 degrees this morning and it was very nice over the weekend as well.

I have to head back to work this week, and I am about ready to do something in that way. I could have more time off and find a way to enjoy that but, for now, working is a good outlet for some of my energy. The official start of our fall term is this Wednesday and classes begin on Monday week.

I am off to the gym this morning, trying to get back into some kind of shape. Although, the two times I have been already were not to bad. I thought maybe there would be some soreness but not much so far. Looks like I was not as far out of shape as might have been. I like that.

Ok, it is late afternoon, about 4:45pm and I have been a busy guy today. I went to the gym this morning and then helped a friend deliver an exercise bike to a stroke survivor. We went and had some lunch and then visited stroke survivors at our local hospital. I tell you this, it is a very good thing to not have had a stroke. Those things leave you in bad shape, but my friend and the folks I visited today are living proof that you can survive them. It is better to avoid them all together and it is pretty easy to do, if you just do it. Check out the AHA web site and there is really good info there on both heart attack and stroke prevention and survival. Prevention, that is the ticket!

Great supper, good fiends and a wonderful evening overall. See, there is life after marriage! LOL I am going to continue to live life as full as I can and keep on heading toward the final goal. What goal? Retirement, what else? LOL No seriously, living life as full as is possible and having as much fun, friendship, etc as is possible. Then, when the end does come I will not have to be looking back and saying I wish I had done ........! I hope to have all the important stuff done and nothing of any consequence left to do. Sound good? I like it!
Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Tomorrow is another day and keep the pressure on the energy people, do not let them win!

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