Hump day, and ain't we glad?  

SmoothOneAllMan 68M
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11/2/2005 3:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hump day, and ain't we glad?

Wednesday and about time, lol. 6:32am here in the east part of our great nation. I have a full day today so my post may not be very newsy. I am giving consideration to some new stuff in my posts and will be making an initial test run soon. I know that most of you who read this column find it pretty dull, I know I would. But you know, life is not always exciting and often is just kind of humdrum.

Back for a closing entry before I get goin with my evening work. I have been covered up today as expected on my "hump" day. Been bustin my hump all day it seems and still have 3 hours to go before it is all over. Well, that is why it is called work and not fun. If it were fun, I probably would have to do it for free, and that would really suck. LOL Got some slack time tomorrow but a few odds and ends to tie up then evening work again tomorrow evening, but that is a piece of cake. Not a lot to report but have been hearing off and on all day about congress taking on "BIG OIL" about all the profit they have reaped this past year. You think someone will tie it to the excessive price we have all been paying for gas? I sure as hell hope so. But, you have to know that most of the capital hill gang is tied into the oil business in some fashion or another so do not look for a lot relief to come out of what ever they end up doing. Just more crap from our elected officials. Well, got to go peeps, keep the faith and hang in there like the price was still pushing 3 bucks. CONSERVE!!!!!!!!!!

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