Friday and just about a week now!  

SmoothOneAllMan 68M
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7/28/2006 3:21 am
Friday and just about a week now!

It is already 73 degrees at this time of morning and you know it is gonna be a hot one again today. The old HHH theme is on us for sure. I thought we were going to get a little rain yesterday evening, but didn't. Dog days here? Me thinks!

I have to go out of town for a half day today, just a short trip down the road. But, having a nice lunch with a friend and that is the way life should be. I had a nice lunch yesterday with a friend and plan to do more of that kind of thing all the time. Life is about having nice times with people you can enjoy being around. We have to spend way to much time with the other types, don't we?

It sure is nice to be on break and not have to go into work. This is the time of year I have always looked forward to, but you know, when my wife was here, it was not an enjoyable time. Always some crap in the way of being able to get away and have a few days off to ourselves. That and other crap is what led to our demise. We just quit taking US into account when planning events. Not a good thing I can tell ya!

I have had my breakfast already and now have to do some house stuff to keep things looking good for buyers. Then I am gonna get shaved, dressed and ready to go off for my lunch trip. This is living.

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