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9/8/2006 3:00 am

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It is 66 degrees this morning and we are in for some more of that fine fall like weather I believe. It was very nice yesterday.

Well, it is the end of a four day week and a weekend is upon us again. I have a few things to do today after my classes but no major items. My weekend is looking like some light work and staying close to the old house. No trips this weekend. I have to give this house a good cleaning. I have been letting that slide some over the last little while, lazy you know! LOL But, it needs some attention.

Not much to post this morning, I will be back later today with any updates for late breaking news.

No breaking news, so it is another of those slow days that just go by and become history. Nothing in the mail today, no word from lawyers, judges, nada. So, I am just gonna keep on doing what I do and act as if they are not important and when the info does come in, I will act on it as I see fit. I have determined that I will not become a subject of anyone or any entity so that will make my future somewhat more interesting if push comes to shove. Of course, things could work out to be reasonable and that would be just fine by me. Stay tuned, I will certainly let you know how it all plays out.

Right now, I have an appointment downtown with a counselor, yes, seeing one of those again. My health is way more important than anything else so I am taking care of things before they get completely out of hand. Selfish? Probably, but you have to take care of you!

Well, been to the counselor, been out to supper with my buddy and his girl, and now back home for the evening. I had some really great catfish and hush puppies and fries and yes, all that good stuff. Full tummy, nice conversation with friends, better than that it probably does not get. Had a good first session with the counselor and will see her again next week. Working on stress related issues, to keep my heart from having problems. I had a heart attack six years ago and have to watch the stress build-up. Stress? You say? Yes, all this crap over my separation and support issues are getting my stress levels up to far. So, have to deal with them the best way I know how and part of that is seeing professionals who can help me differentiate between the real and the imagined. Fun shit huh? LOL

Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Save some energy when you can, we are making a difference.

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