Friday, finally! LOL  

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12/9/2005 3:14 am

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Friday, finally! LOL

34 degrees at 6:10am here in the east, cold, rainy, sleeting, icing, BooHiss. I hate the cold! I have a regular day today and have to be diligent to do my best all the way through the activities I have to accomplish. Wow, it was so funny yesterday evening watching the local TV talking heads warning everyone about the coming wintry weather. There was no activity to speak of by 10pm last night but that did not keep the reporters from going all over looking for that illusive ice pellet. And of course while they were at that level of reporting, they had to include the cold temps as good reason for energy prices to take a sudden swing back upwards. What a crock! Any excuse at all to alarm and confuse just to keep the prices higher than they need to be. No one needs to be advised that colder weather means using more energy to keep warm. Are we that dumb? I think not! Yet there they were telling everyone how much the cold was going to affect our pocketbooks. I hate that type of reporting, it is irresponsible!

Update and energy cost alert! On the way to work this morning I noticed several gas stations that are taking advantage of the situation to jack up their prices. One is 10 cents a gallon higher today than yesterday. Do not let them get away with this. Tell them by your buying habits, that we are not going to stand for this profiteering in the face of public panic. They will reconsider their pricing habits if we do not fall victim to them. If you do not have to fill up, do not at these prices, just move on down the road and get enough to make it to the next station. This morning, just a mile down the road, the price was 10 cents less than the one I mentioned above. So, buy from those who have reasonable prices, not the others! PLEASE!!!! We can do this!

Well, it is evening time on Friday, weekend eve, so it is time for me to close another chapter of the life with which you are becoming more than familiar. Oh well, you have to know someone and it might as well be me. I have not noticed any improvement in the gas price over the day so we have to keep our pressure on. I ran out to get a bit of supper a little while ago, close to home and not big trip out. Had a burger at Denny's and then back here. I am trying my best to keep my running around down to just those things I have to do. I realize many have more to do at this time of year than I will have because you have a family and have to get out and shop for Christmas. But, would you do me a favor? Plan your trips, make fewer this year than last and only go to the closest places instead of running all over the triad looking for that one or two special things for that special someone. You will spend way more than it is worth to do that and that special someone will not really appreciate it that much anyway so there is no need to do that. Instead, get your family things that they can use, enjoy or something simple just to say "I love you" and then give them the thing they really want. What is that you say? Well, it is you silly! Give them "you" for Christmas and let them know how much you care no matter the gift. That is the essence of Christmas anyway and will be far better for them and the country. Give it some thought. Change has to be something we all do, not just a few. Thanks for listening and nite, nite, all!

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