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9/1/2006 3:23 am

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We are seeing some rain here from the hurricane. It is 64 degrees at present and the rain of the last day or so has been a welcome change from the dry conditions we have had.

I am off to work again this morning, in a little while. Just have two classes today and they are not all that much to handle.

This afternoon, I have to get my stuff ready for leaving tomorrow on my weekend at my buddy's place in Virginia. I figure by waiting until morning, the traffic on the highway should be a little lighter.

No word yet from my lawyer and the results from this past week in court. I figure the news will be arriving in the mail sometime today or next week. This is not going to come out the way I wanted it too, but then again, things seldom do. My handling of the results will be less than desireable to those who hope to benefit from my situation. So be it!

Well, the rain is about over and the storm has moved well to our north. It is still cloudy to some degree but at least it is cooler. Only 69 degrees right now and it has been in the low 90s by this time every day for a month. Very nice change.

I am finished with school for the week and no other major events have taken place. All is quiet for now and that is a good thing. There was a viewing of my house today, I just hope someone will buy the damned thing. I want to get moved out of here and into an apartment so I can get on with some of the other things I want to do.

Going out in a while for dinner with my buddy from school. I need to find me a lady to pal around with, but so far, no takers. It gets hard to do at my age. I have less ambition and tolerence in that area than I used to so it is very strange at times. I have days where I really want the company of a woman and others where it is almost repugnent. I suppose I am not alone in that feeling. Many of us have days like that about the opposite sex. Especially if you are in my shape, huh? LOL

Ok, been out to dinner, had some great seafood and good company. Came back here to my house and did some training on some of our software that we use at school. My friend is new at all of this so he is having a difficult time catching on to it quickly. That is ok, he will improve in time and do just fine with my help and the help of others in our division.

So, nite, nite, and sleep well. It has been a long day and I am about beat. Save some energy this weekend, even if it is a holiday.

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