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8/18/2006 3:10 am

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Ok, it is 66 degrees at this point of the morning. I feel a touch of the fall season beginning to show up in the air. I really like this time of year, which I have said many times. The cool mornings, warm days, cool evenings, yes, that is the ticket.

It is off to the opening ceremonies for our school today. We have a fall convocation prior to the beginning of classes. All of the faculty, some of the staff and others get together to hear some blah, blah, from the administrators. There are a couple of times each year that we have to do this kind of thing, but all in all, it is not that bad and being infrequent helps. We have a day in October that is called college excellence day, and well, yes, it is another of those days.

So, classes begin on Monday next week and it is off and running with the next generation of people who just think they want to learn a trade so they can make a living. Some really do, and others just do not understand until they hit the reality of it. I loose upwards of 50% of my students sometimes. I used to think it was me, but have decided that my 10 years of teaching have validated my ability to do it well. My classes require a fair amount of dedication and work the entire term and many who sign up are not able to make that kind of commitment.

Well, I am back from our college opening ceremonies and it was about like the last 10 I have been to. Boring! We did get a free lunch but that is about the only thing that was of any real use. It was good seeing some of my associates that I only get to see once or twice a year, so that was good. We all have so little time and reason to get in one big group during the year, just not practical very often. So, it is about time for a nap and I am headed that way just in a few.

Nap was a good one, just short, phone rang! The house will have a showing tomorrow so that is a good kind of call! No bill collectors! LOL I have had my supper and just called in an order to my fav Chinese place for some wings and rice. Good stuff! I am gonna kick back this evening and try and get my thoughts collected for the coming week. I have a load of classes to teach and a pretty good student load. Some of them I had in spring term, some this summer and some are new. Makes for a good mix. So, we shall see.

I figure to get out to the store in the morning to get some lunch goodies for my week at work. I have classes all day on Mon. Wed. and Fri. from 9am till 3pm so I only have a half hour break for my lunch period. I will have some stuff in my office that I can heat in a microwave and eat quickly. I will be using my little refer to keep some drinks cold and maybe some sandwich stuff. Never can tell! LOL It is nice to have that thing. I could have used it before, but when the wife was here, she would have objected. Now, well, it is up to me only!

Nite, nite, peeps, have a good sleep and try and save some energy. We are having an impact on things, just look around. But, keep the pressure on!

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