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8/11/2006 3:26 am

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Maybe change is in the wind, at least where the weather is concerned. I heard the report for tomorrow and the high temp is supposed to be about 75, now that is more like it. I bet we get some rain too. It would almost have to be cloudy to keep the temps down.

So, on with the weekend, well, it has been weekend all week for me! LOL I have a lunch engagement with a buddy today. Eating Chinese, and boy do I love that. The guy is a stroke survivor and he and I are planning to do some speaking as a team this fall. I survived a heart attack and between the two of us, maybe we can get the word out to some potential candidates. This is insidious stuff folks, do not let your mind convince you that it can not happen to you. I did that and it happened to me just the same. Believe me, you do not want to have a heart attack, it sucks.

I was looking at the weather radar for the country a little bit ago and we are getting some showers here in the southeast. I know it is welcome no matter where it is, the heat has really been on lately. But, as soon as we get the heat to back down, I suppose we will be complaining about the cold, snow, ice, etc. We are just never happy!

Time to get some stuff done for the day so I will be back later with more, if there is more!

It is later, and I am back but not a lot to report. I had a fine lunch with my friend, but anytime I can have Chinese, it is a good lunch. My friend is a great conversationalist and I enjoy his company.

It is warm today but due to the cloud cover, it is only 77 degrees and big time muggy. Beats the hell out of muggy and damn hot though. LOL Some respite is better than none. I hate to wish cold weather here but cooler fall will be welcome.

I have a guy cutting my grass at the moment. I need to try and keep it looking good for the sake of potential buyers. Had a couple of lookers this week but no offers as of yet. We shall see.

Well, as I wrap up this diatribe for today, it has been pretty uneventful. That did not keep me from using up some space on the AdultFriendFinder site now did it? LOL There was another viewing of my house this afternoon. That is a good thing. Had a guy call on the phone that wanted to list my timeshare for me and only charge me $99. What a deal huh? I would like to get that off of me too, since the wife and I both own the points, but that can wait. Small details like that will all work out over time. Now, I have been out to supper and about ready to settle in for the evening. I have some TV viewing in mind tonight so that will get me through ok.

Tomorrow, I will be making a small, short post but heading out of town to visit my sister in Virginia over night. I will be back here about mid afternoon on Sunday so I can be off and running for my back to work week next week. So, nite, nite, peeps, and thanks for putting up with my drivel. Sleep well and save some energy when you can, although the price around here has dropped a couple of pennies in the last couple of days. Maybe those idiots in England did us a favor by trying to hatch a plot. I am glad they got caught and will be prosecuted for their crazy shit. But the drop in air travel, hence the drop in fuel, well, you get the gist.

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