Taj Incident  

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3/14/2006 9:43 am

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Taj Incident

OK, as there seems to be a lot of people who were not present and dont know the entire story, here it is. Let me say to start, I have spoken to several people who were right there when this occured, and all have said the same things. We were there, but didnt see the actual incident itself.

The female in question was chatting up a guy. This guy proposed that they invite his friend. She declined. The friend was not happy about being rebuked, and became rude. At this point, the female should have gone to someone to have this person removed. (Update here. As it turns out, the man in question turned and began to walk away at this point) But instead, she chose to hurl her drink at this man. He then returned the favor by throwing his cup at her. So SHE initiated the physical hostilities by assaulting him first.

As it was near to closing time, she had her keys in hand. From approximately6-10 feet away, she began spraying pepper spray, that was attatched to her keychain, in a wide arc, spraying anyone and everyone in the area. As people bailed for the exit, she proceeded to walk through the bar at a liesurely pace with a shit eating grin as if to say I am so proud of myself, look what I did. When confronted OUTSIDE by myself and several others, she simply told us to kiss her fat white ass. At no point then or afterwards has she bothered to offer up any kind of apology or the like to those whom her actions caused to be ill.

Those are the simple facts of the incident, many of which have been conveniently left out by the woman in question. Maybe she doesnt remember as she was completely drunk, though I doubt that.

kitz6 60F

3/16/2006 5:13 am

Some people just do not know how to behave themselves properly and should not be out in public without a keeper! Sorry you two had your evening disturbed, hun!

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