Fools Rush In  

SmirkySmurf 44M
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5/16/2005 12:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fools Rush In

I love excitement. Posting something you know is clever and getting compliments on it is very satisfying. Noticing the same people commenting on your comments is great for the ego as well.

And then that flirting thing, where you make a post, and they make a post. Sometimes commenting on something you wrote and other times having them just post in the same place you did, knowing they posted there just because you did.

A mutual respect for the other's opinion develops and eventually you make contact. But people are wary. An honest compliment or expression can feel weird. Self-doubt begins to plague the people that were previously enjoying each other's banter.

Then we clam up. Not wanting to make the other person feel any more uncomfortable we hold off. Maybe the other person wonders what is going on and wonders what they did.

Details that aren't even intended get interpreted in reading the other's posts. Were they talking to me when they said that? What does that mean? Maybe we respond with a faulty understanding and confuse the other person even more.

God! Why don't they just message me and tell me what is going on we think. But we will not message them because we do not want to be pushy.

And things go to hell. It is all very exciting. Frustrating and exciting. Addictive even.

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