Arab Disillusionment?  

SmartType 51F
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8/2/2006 9:15 pm

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8/13/2006 4:33 pm

Arab Disillusionment?

There was an editorial piece in the Houston Chronicle that the recent episodes between Israel and Palestine,and once again the US tolerance for Israels actions was causing irreparable harm in the Arab and Islamic worlds faith in the US.

Boo-fucking-hoo. I am so mad at Arab and general Islamic blame-mongering that the West (particularly US) is the root of all evil. Last time I checked the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia had gold plated toilets in his 767 and his spouses shopped haute couture in Paris and ate caviar. Their women still do not have the right to vote, no less drive a car, and upon a male relative's discretion can be summarily executed if he feels she has disgraced the family. And let's not even talk about the extraordinary additional wealth that SA and the other Arab countries are raking in over the price of crude.

So let's talk about disillusionment. I'm disillusioned by the following in the Arab and Islamic community:
- Nobody stopped the Taliban's reign of Terror until we stepped in to find (and sadly have not) one of the biggest turds on the planet
- Madrasahs continue to teach hatred and blame amongst the children (ALL OVER THE WORLD) instead of cooperation and diversity
-I'm disillusioned that for a religion that supposedly 'preaches peace and non-violence', that there is little moral outrage at the bombings conducted against innocent civilians and citizens trying to contribute to a new infrastructure. Stop that shit. If any Arab thinks that any American wants to stay in that filthy hell hole any longer they're retarded. We like to drink you assholes and last time I checked you don't have the equivalence of Las Vegas.
-Where in the Arab world was there condemnation of 9/11?
-I'm disillusioned that the Arab and Islamic community have no outrage over the behaviour of the Janjaweed in Somalia. Freaking George Clooney had to go over there with his dad to stir things up.

And there is so much more nonsense but it's getting late and I need to let my blood pressure settle. But the bottom line - CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSE first you bastards. But that's not likely since you still want to live in the stone age with your viscious cycles of oppresion destruction mysogynistic blame mongering mentality. It's not us who is keeping you there, you do it to yourselves.

rm_random613 55M
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8/3/2006 2:46 am

Like small children they find it much easier to blame others for their problems rather than take responsibility themselves.

Lebanon wouldn’t be getting attacked if it controlled the actions within its own boarders. (They have Iran and Syria to thank for that).

Pakistan has its tribal areas where the central government is non-existent. Few counties in the area are without some form of instability.

Until the central governments take control and stop the culture of ignorance, intolerance, hatred and violence; the wars, terrorism and killings will continue until someone eventually glasses over large sections of the region.

The fun question is how do the central governments (if they really wanted to), take on the mullahs and mosques that are preaching the hatred and violence without getting buried up to their necks in sand and stoned to death.

When do we pull out of Iraq, say "hey we tried", and 5 minutes after the last US serviceman leaves drop a pile of neutron bombs on the country? Eventually you have to stop playing nice and give them a real choice - grow up or become part of the landscape.

SmartType replies on 8/8/2006 8:17 pm:
Random - I couldn't agree more. Since we can't nuke it , we need to come up with something more creative. Like lace their water sources with Prozac or Pot. Calm these guys down and take the edge off the negativity.

Yeah it's a scary, scary deal out there.

jrb6955 58M

8/13/2006 1:02 pm

Here, here. I particularly like SmartType's idea of lacing their water supply with Prozac or Pot. Radical Islamic Fascism is the greatest threat to peace in the world, and the central governments of predominately Islamic Countries are too afraid to speak out against and condemn the terrorists.

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