An interesting site this is  

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7/27/2006 2:14 pm

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An interesting site this is

A friend referred me to this site as I was having no luck on Match (being 'smart' there and having short hair seems to do absolutely nothing for a girl - their loss). And there was so much "I'm a nice guy, sincere, trustworthy, let's go walk on the beach" horseshit I could hardly stand it. And quite frankly, who doesn't like sunsets? Or thunderstorms and snuggling on a rainy day? You would have to be inhuman not to, or perhaps Osama bin Laden as caves get really chilly and damp. No wonder the bastard is so disagreeable. (Oh and for the record the stats on Afghanistan:
6250 members:
M seeking W: 4513
M seeking M: 200
W Seeking M: 103
W seeking W: 117.....See blog on Sandbox Fundamentals below...)

But I digress. So I started this subscription and have been surprised (floored to be more exact) at what I have found here. I always thought I was an amorous type - but ha! I pale in comparison to so many of you folks out there. But it's not just that. Sex, and sometimes kinky sex is very important to me (let's just put it on the table shall we?) Thus, in addition to the usual degenerate males/females and assorted nymphomaniacs on here, there are so many educated, accomplished, amazing other smart types as well. And we love sex. And are open to it in its various manifestations without being too hung up about it. It's refreshing not to have to tentatively dance around introducing anal, bondage (light in my case), spanking, role play, etc. Most folks on here already come trained!!

OK, enough blather. I need to get ready to meet a girlfriend for drinks.

tierratexas 52M

7/29/2006 10:01 pm

Yeah, Match is too kindergarten-y. Match needs to have an optional "adult portion" in their profiles. If two people agree that they otherwise click, then they can mutual agree to open their kimonos and reveal the adult portions of their profiles. It would not have to be much. Since one is already looking online, it would be nice for the web site to facilitate that type of communication also. No matter how normal/kinky you are, once you start down the primrose path, it is very difficult to broach the subject early and lay that stuff out on the table before everyone has wasted time and gets disappointed, in either direction, that "no X" or "engaging in X" is a deal-breaker. Match's mere selection of whether "erotica" is a turn-on/off is just not enough.

SmartType replies on 7/29/2006 10:32 pm:
I suck at this blogging - need to watch my fingers. Anyhoo Tierra - show me your kimono..and you are so right about that.


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