RAWWLLLLL........was the sound that broke the calm of the morning air!  

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6/24/2006 11:49 am

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RAWWLLLLL........was the sound that broke the calm of the morning air!

Ohhh how I am hating this day.......I usely wake up feeling grand. But not today... oh no not I for the kitty awakes without a sigh! More like a sream the sound did come memow... memow... memow...she did roar, feed me now for... get up get up I want some more. Sometime she's calm, some times she's nice, sometimes she's purrrs softly throughtout the nite, and in the morning she'd purrr memow a soft calm nod just to say I am here. She love to be rub, and gently stroked, comb her fur as she stretches low. She'll arch her back and nuzzle close, rud next to you as you smooth her coat. And if you are gentle as she lays in your hands she'll let you rub her all you can.

Do as you wish, tease and play, she like it all she just a kitty any way. As long as you never cause her pain. She will lay at you feet and curl within your embraces. The way she plays with you is fun. She lick at you with her soft little tongue, softly purrrring as she licks away....causing you to dream away. But be careful watch those ears, turn your neck before she gets you there. Her other favorite spots are the palm of your hand, and if your undressed she cross over your tights and slip between them and there she will lie, nudding you gently at your mound of heat. Be careful for if your not, she my lick where you are now hot. Next you will feel her nose rub by and her hair as it whispers by. Purrr....ing sound come houder now, as she kneeds you low and you can't breath. Before you know it you who has moaned. Deep it came as she now licks on......the fire now rises in your belly deep.....oh my word...how does she do this? She is only a kitty small is she, gentle to hold and soft to touch......but now you moan and wonder what will be....when she arises up on her knee?

Soft is her fur and short you see, and now she moves over thee.....Oh the pleasure it does cause...soft is her fur upon thee. She move gently back to rest as she likes and you now scream with pure delight. Strokes are now made as you rub over her and she just purrrrrs softly calling memow once more. Rubbing her give you a peace as none before and then she jump up and roars!!! Memow! Memow! Memow! Meow...once more amazed and alarmed you look to see, what cause that roar....was something knocking at the door?

Your moves are sure, you're on alarm, you are ready now.. tense, tight, and moving on. The sound you hear....it's muffled and low, the sounds of a roar are coming from far below. And them all at once you jump hard with a jab. You scream out loud... RAWLLLLLL....as you hear another roar!
Rawlllll...Rawllllll...Rawlllll-you hear it once more, then wooshhhhhh you feel....as my sweet, sweet kitty cums pouring out her cream as never before.

I wake up and I want to scream.....please will some man cum, cum, cum drink my sweet cream? For I need to ride on your mighty long thick cock ohh so surprime! Just not in the land of nod!!!

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