No Rush....Hummm...How Sweet...  

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7/6/2006 10:47 am

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No Rush....Hummm...How Sweet...

No all just your voice. The sound of a mans voice can be all it takes sometime to turn me on. And for all the guys that have a deep voice......Hummmmm....sooo sweet!! You guys, I don't understand the hold that your voice alone has over me. Now lets take Josh Turner for example, he just got through singing "No Rush" and I swear I have cream my jean just listening to his voice!! And he doesn't even know it...LOL!
(Not the words to the song.)

No rush...speak soft, low, and smooth
No rush...touch gently with your strong hands
No rush...explore my body
No rush...let my hands rub over your chest
No let me go down on thee
No rush...Sweet pre cum you give to me
No rush...join us together
No rush...make it last for the both of us
No rush...when we cum joined as one that will be our Rush!!

So tell me guys do you talk in a deep low soft voice?

Hey guys would you slow it on down or be in a rush?

Come on let's lay it on back....
Lock the door...turn the lights down low...
tell me...can you be my man?

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