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8/4/2006 3:02 pm

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Found It

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’m walking up the house of a couple that I’ve meet twice, both times at a party thrown by a friend of a friend. The first night I had had a drunken conversation with Sarah, a very attractive redhead, in which we talked a little about sexual fantasies. Hell, I’m not sure I even remember the whole conversation. During the second party Sam, Sarah’s husband, and I talked a lot, and by the end of the night we had the framework of a plan.

Although I had butterflies in my stomach, I tried to get into the right mood by walking confidently up to the door and instead of ringing the bell; I pulled open the screen and pounded hard on the inner door.

When Sam opens the door I pushed him straight back into the hall yelling “where’s my money, asshole. His nervous smile disappears as he said he didn’t have it. As, I stomp around yelling and making a scene I take in my surroundings. Sam and Sarah are home alone, Sam shirtless and without socks, Sarah in a modest nightgown. There’s a bottle of wine on the coffee table, mostly gone.

By now I’ve got Sam saying he’s sorry about not having the money he’d promised me and I’m yelling “remember what I told you last time. Sam replies that he remembers, so I tell him to tell his wife.

He turns to Sarah, and with tears in his eyes, tells her that he’s lost a lot of money gambling and when he had an opportunity to make a big score that he borrowed more money from me, just to get out of the hole. But, he got some bad information and lost it all.

“Well what are we going to do”, she asked Sam and before he could reply, I shout “you’re going to help him pay the interest”. Sam starts blabbering about how he’s so sorry as I walk over to Sarah and say “Your husband has agreed to let me fuck you in exchange for his debt, and he has to watch”. “No way” she screams and looks over at Sam who’s crying now.

“Yes way” I say as I slowly start to walk toward her. When I’m close enough, I grab the back of here head and pull her lips to mine. I’m rough and I don’t care. I jam my tongue in her mouth, and although she struggling to pull away, I feel her yield to the intrusion.

“Take that off,” I command. She takes a step backward and starts to say something when I yell “now!’. Again she steps back and opens her mouth to say something, but I don’t let her, “I said now, bitch” as I close the gap between us, grab the collar of the nightgown and tug down as hard as I can. It’ rips right down the center and falls off her shoulders, fluttering to the ground.

She’s standing in front of me shivering, as I say “Get rid of that bra, now”. She reaches back, unclips it and tosses it toward a chair. They’re perfect, pale white skin, with a splattering of freckles and bright pink nipples standing up proud. I grab her by the shoulders, and spin her so that I’m behind her and she’s in clear view of Sam. A moan escapes her as I squeeze and caress those wonderful breasts. I slowly run my tongue along her neck and then push her to her knees. I pull off my shirt and step out of my pants as I move around and stand in front of her. She looks up at me in a kind of daze as she starts to massage my balls through my underwear.

Although I’m no longer yelling, I haven’t stopped talking. I tell her that she’s got wicked tits that I’m going to use her like a whore in front of her husband that I’m going to cum in her mouth. I ask what kind of a husband would make her do this.

That made me think of Sam. So I turn my head and see him slumped on the couch rubbing himself through his pants. Just then Sarah slips off my underwear and I’m staring straight at Sam when I feel her mouth on my cock for the first time.
“Sam was right, babe, you are an excellent cock sucker”. “Oh yeah, that feels good”. I continue to talk dirty to her as she makes me feel so good. She sucks me for a long time, starting very slowly, alternating between taking me deep in her mouth and lapping and sucking my balls. The next time I remember Sam, he’s naked and stroking himself as he watches his wife work on me.

To this day I don’t know how long this lasted. It seemed like this intense scene kept going and going, but, alas, there came a time when I started to feel the pressure building.
“Oh baby I’m going to come” I managed to say before I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to spurt all over her face, neck and chest. As she looked up at me, pure lust in her eyes we heard a grunt from Sam and saw him half way between us and the couch, cock in his hand, with a big load of his cum in mid air.

After a minute to catch my breath, I told Sarah to get her ass in the bed room and lay on the bed. She looked as hot as I’ve ever seen a woman before, nipples had as rock, a sheen of sweat already over her whole body and my cum running down her face. I wasted no time in attacking her boobs again and running my hands over her whole body. The heat coming off her pussy was unbelievable and I quickly slipped her soaked panties down her legs. Her pink pussy lips were without hair, with only a tiny wisp of red on the top. She looked very swollen and wet. Slowly I ran my tongue along the insides of her thighs, teasing her while continuing to take my time. Her smell was over powering and eventually I reached the center of her pussy and dipped my tongue inside her. As I continued to lick her, I began running my finger along the bottom of her slit and slipped it inside her just as my mouth found her clit. Immediately she stiffened up like a board and let out a scream, her pussy becoming even more wet.if that were possible. Again we caught our breath.

With a big grin on my face, I told her to get me hard again, because now I was going to fuck her. We moved around on the bed so that she could get my cock in her mouth while I played with her magnificent breasts. I didn’t take me long to be ready again, so I pushed her on her back and prepared to mount her, rubbing my cock up and down her slit. Sarah then surprised me by starting to talk to Sam, who must have followed us into the bedroom. “Do you like this Sam, Do you like to see a stranger fucking your wife?, she asked. When he didn’t answer she continued, “did you like it when he had his cock in my mouth and was using me, did you like it when he made me cum”

Sam still wasn’t answering as I plunged my cock into the warmest, tightest place it had ever been in. We took turns taunting Sam as I slowly fucked until Sam finally said yes it turned him on to see Sarah being fucked by someone else. When he said this I felt her pussy spasm and knew she was cumming again. I told her to flip over and get on her knees. As I positioned myself to enter her from behind I motioned to Sam to approach us. Sarah understood and soon enough she had her husbands cock slipping in and out of her mouth as mine did the same in her pussy.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning so loud that we knew she would come again, so I picked up the pace and started to slam into her. This made Sam go even deeper in her mouth and he started to moan. With what seemed like a big bang Sarah stared to shake and moan even louder, her pussy again clamping down on my cock as her husband started to yell, “I’m cumming” and filled her mouth with his seed, as I did the same in her pussy.

Two minutes later we had all caught our breath, when Sam started laughing. Soon we were all laughing out loud unable to believe how much fun that was.

Although the game was over, and I was no longer the controlling stranger, we continued well into the night, With Sam fucking his wife 2 more time, and me doing her again as well. At one point we switched our position from earlier and Sam did her from behind while Sarah sucked me.

Sam, Sarah and I had several other meetings and we played many different types of roles. They were and are great friends of mine.

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8/6/2006 8:26 pm

i love that story .. .and to some extent, can relate to it ... guess u already know my 2 men desires!

also wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog ... appreciated!!!

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