Sad state of the world  

Slotennisguy 39M
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2/11/2006 2:15 am

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7/1/2006 1:00 am

Sad state of the world

You know something....I'm afriad for once. Those who know me know I very really ever am afraid. I've been a cop so I've had my share of close calls, fights, drug busts gone bad, guns pointed at me, the whole nine yards. But today I am afriad. Not for me, but for the future of america's youth. Like most GenXers, we've been screwed more than once by the baby boomer generation and GenerationYhiners. But truly I am afriad for the youth of tommorrow.

Those who currently know me, know I work in the educational field and coach. Each year I run the tennis program out of love of the game, and because i can make them a better player and person. Every year I work with 28 teenage girls and 24 teenage boys, and I am afriad for them.

I am afriad because of what their parents are doing to them. They are not letting them be kids. They are not letting them make their own mistakes, their own self discovery, finding their own identity. Anyone who has ever taken a Child Development or Child Psychology class will tell you the same thing. No instead parents are forcing them to grow up too fast and trying to live to vicariously through their children. They forgot to be parents!!

Currently, I have players who are bipolar, manic depressive, destructive thoughts, under too much pressure, alone, sad, and have either tried or contemplated suicide. Why...because parents forgot to take the time and listen and get to know their own children!! It breaks my heart when they come up to me and tell me they are contemplating suicide or have destructive thoughts. It breaks my heart when they can't go to their parents to talk about it because they can't be bothered or make time for them. Children are not a status symbol! They need love and nurturing!!

Its no secret I'm one of the most popular coaches on campus because i make the time to get to know them. At times I think I know them better than their own parents do. This is sad and why i am afriad. These children aren't always going to have someone to look out for their best interest like I do. Yes I am flattered they come to me with their problem and trust me to tell me them. But its sad the parents walk around with blinders on or worse of all, blame their own children for the parents problem!

It is a sad day and I am afriad...
I am afraid for the children..

barbiebunny 36F
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2/13/2006 3:27 am

sad indeed

Its good to be...ME

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