My Confession...of an Angry GenXer  

Slotennisguy 39M
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3/6/2006 1:31 am

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3/22/2006 10:00 pm

My Confession...of an Angry GenXer

... my confession

because i'm diluted & perfectly flawed
i shall live by passion & not by law

and i'm insecure ...
i need aggression
to feed the spiders of perception
and i'm supposed to be strong & have
all the answers

a cannibal in the new church of cancer
but i'm nothing special i'm not unique

i have many secrets
I eat the weak
and i'm at an end
i'm at an end .....

and there's ... NO WAY OUT!!

i need to find my sanctuary..... someplace safe
gotta get this outta me..... this is my escape

and I think about it all the time
i'm volatile & afraid to cry
but i'm still not comfortable in my skin
and the anesthetics slowly wearing thin

I need to talk to someone new
i need a different latitude
i'm in this void all alone!
feeling needy... hungry to grow

but i'm suffocating -- can't come down
and .... no ....THERE'S NO WAY OUT!!!

i need to find my sanctuary.... someplace safe
gotta get this outta me!.... THIS IS MY ESCAPE!!!

--- all i see is sadness
--- all i see is sadness ....
what's left?

-- this will teach them.
this will teach them,'ve got to......
push. Push. PUSH....

THIS IS YOUR WAY OUT!! are not alone

- this is where i hide my power
- this is where i become free
- this is where i take control
- and slowly choke your fantasies

- i want to know my day is coming
- see my enemies be punished
- shed my skin again
- this will be my best revenge!!

GenXers of the World Unite!

barbiebunny 36F
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3/22/2006 5:46 pm

so angry..think i got wet...

Its good to be...ME

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