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7/12/2006 5:34 pm

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identity theft advice

The exboyfriend of my current girlfriend has always been a nuisance to her, which in turn bothers me of course. I think he still wants her back. Today, for some odd reason, he called her and told her he had made a fake profile at some adult site with her photos and other sexually explicit photos (random porn) and typed it up to sound and look like her. He wrote it up with graphic details involving things like bestiality and asking for no strings sex amongst other things. I haven't seen it and after he told her to see it, he then claimed he would be taking it down. She won't give me the address to let me see what's going on though. I have no idea if he has made other profiles, but it wouldn't surprise me. I have a feeling this was his (very strange) way to somehow coerce her to come back to him.

So, I have suggested she speak with a lawyer to see if there is anything she can do. I told her she could contact the site and request its removal, but as we all know from our AdultFriendFinder experience, fakes tend to keep on coming no matter how many the admins remove. Is there anything she can do in the legal realm considering this is her exboyfriend and not some random identity theif? I'm not sure where the laws stand on this kind of thing now, but I do know things are changing all the time.

She and I are doing the long distance thing right now, so I can't get be right there with her to help in person. That makes things extremely difficult.

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