brief downward turn  

SlimGoodGuy 38M
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1/3/2006 8:42 pm

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brief downward turn

I know I shouldn't dwell on this and I'll be over the feeling shortly, but I'm feelin kinda down. I have been browsing through profiles. Yes, I'm a standard member, but I am also technologically gifted, so I have my tricks.

If you want to skip my sulking, go directly to the bottom and have a look at the two questions I'd like some input on.

My feelings came about when I realized that I do not meet the needs of most women on here. After reading through a few local profiles, I went on to look at a few random profiles that were not obvious fakes. So many want a mix of qualities or specific qualities I lack. Let me just mention a few. First off, one of the more obvious demands is for a well endowed man. There's also a need for hours and hours of non stop sex. Women also want muscular men. They also want a man who lives on his own (a reasonable request).

I am not all that muscular, although I have a generally fit physique. I am not well endowed. I'm average (as many men here are and lie about). My endurance is not phenomenal, but I can do oral fairly well and get a good hour in. With a short break, I'm good to go again. Again, I think I sound fairly average.

I'm also financially strapped for cash. I have lived the last 9 years on the go from college to the Caribbean and England. I had no time to settle down. I never got a chance to officially move away from home, so here I am at age 27 living with my folks. However, this housing situation is yet another intermediate in the grand scheme of things, so finding my own place now is not an option. Hopefully by the end of next month, I'll be on the go again finishing my 4th year of med school and graduate with my MD. Then

While I have come to recognize many wonderful qualities about myself, these don't lure in the ladies. Being myself, the best advice one can give, has been a bust. I do normally put out a positive vibe. I'm not always this grumpy. If I didn't have confidence, I wouldn't have made it this far in life. Med school would have eaten me alive.

I can't fit much inside this box of mine, but here's what I think I have room for. I can spend some time in the morning going for a jog. I can try doing some push ups and crunches for a little while as well. After that, my time must be consumed by studying for 8 hours in addition to every day life responsibilities.

There. I'm finished with my rant. I already could care less about what was getting me down.

Can you think of any more time saving methods? Do you have any home-made work out ideas?

RoyalPurpleRose 52F

1/3/2006 10:37 pm

Good hot sweaty sex it the best workout. I don't know how much of a 'timesaver' it is though. Getting hot and sweaty takes a bit of time. But well worth it.

Other than that ... I have a small dumb bell weight (5 lbs) that I use when I'm just reading online. Helps me build up the strength in my arms. Even after 5 yrs ... I'm still trying to rehab my shoulder.

Good luck in school.

~~Kisses, RPR

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